Characteristics and scope of pressure watering can

The watering can produced by the watering can manufacturer plays a very important role. The pneumatic watering can is one of them. We should know some features and scope of application.

The pneumatic watering can has beautiful appearance, novel structure, convenient use, good atomization effect, and the nozzle can be adjusted, which can spray and straighten, and the distance can be adjusted. It should be noted that the thread of the bottle mouth and the rubber seal of the bottle mouth should be uniform, the gas cylinder thread and the aerated apron ring are unified, and the nozzle assembly is interchangeable, which facilitates the different needs in use. It can be used in various environments such as homes, hospitals, farm fields, orchards.

The use of a pneumatic watering can has brought us great convenience, whether it is in life or at work, it has played a big role.