Difference between manual sprayer and electric sprayer

There are many types of sprayers produced by hand-held sprayers. Manual sprayers and electric sprayers are two of them. Let's take a look at the differences between their simulations.

Manual sprayers are generally made of recycled plastic, so the quality will be worse, it will be easily deformed when used, and its sealing is also poor, and even explosions may occur during use. Its injection parts, cylinders, inlet and outlet valves, seals, etc. do not meet the corresponding requirements. Therefore, it causes serious drug leakage and short service life. The electric sprayer uses a new plastic, and the whole machine has good sealing performance. It is a low-volume fine mist spray. It saves labor, saves medicine, has good effect and high work efficiency.

Through analysis, it is not difficult to find that the use of electric sprayers is more obvious than manual sprayers, but this does not mean that manual sprayers must be bad, but specific analysis of specific problems.