How to clean the inside of the watering can

The products of the watering can manufacturer are very widely used in our life, and we should pay attention to the corresponding cleaning according to different product specifications when using it, but for the bottle with small mouth and big belly, we How should I clean it?

The watering can narrow bottle is difficult to wash thoroughly, but if it is not guaranteed to be clean, it will cause solvent pollution during use, and even affect its service life. When we clean, we can put the broken eggshell and fine sand into the bottle. Then add some detergent, shake the bottle hard and rub the stains on the bottle. In fact, you can also wrap the chopsticks on the plastic bag we don't use, then put some cleaning agent in the bottle and put a little water, so that the chopsticks can be placed inside the bottle and the stains are removed.

Of course, when using it, we should also pay attention to the corresponding maintenance according to the different use environment, so that we can better guarantee its effect when using it, extend its service life and contribute to the resource saving. power.