How to prevent aging of handheld sprayers

Handheld sprayer manufacturers' products are very widely used in our life, mainly for water spray, etc., but because plastic products are prone to aging if they are not noticed, how to avoid it when using What about aging?

In order to solve the aging problem, manufacturers often add some anti-aging agents when making sprayers to slow down their aging speed. In fact, this has not solved the problem fundamentally. In order to make the sprayer durable, it is mainly used properly, not exposed to the sun, not allowed to rain, not on the fire or on the heating. Sometimes the residual pesticide will also corrode it, so pay attention when using it. Be clean. In addition, it is not allowed to collide with force, nor can it be exposed to the sun at high temperatures, the collision is easy to break, and the exposure is easy to accelerate its aging, thereby shortening the service life.

Of course, it should be cleaned when it is used. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time, so that it can better exert its effect and avoid the situation.