How to prevent watering can deformation

The products of the watering can manufacturer are widely used in our life, but in order to ensure the use of it, we should pay attention to the maintenance of it, how can we prevent it from deforming?

First of all, pay attention to handling when handling, loading and unloading, and daily use. During storage and transportation, the ground should be leveled to prevent the barrel from tilting and to avoid hitting the barrel with sharp objects. During the storage process, the plastic barrel mouths are placed upwards and placed according to different size specifications, and no more than 6 stacks are stacked. The piles are tightly packed or have sufficient support and reinforcement. A thin layer is laid on each of the two layers and then stacked to avoid bumps during transportation.

Of course, we should pay attention to the correct operation when using it, and we should pay attention to maintenance in order to better exert its effect and extend its service life.