Method of cleaning electric sprayer

The electric sprayer produced by the hand-held sprayer manufacturer has a very good effect when used, but it is necessary to pay attention to the method when cleaning.

The first method is to clean the water. For these herbicides, insecticides, etc., you need to rinse it with water several times immediately after use, and then wash it 2-3 times, you can use it with confidence. The second method is to wash with muddy water. The muddy water has a good cleaning effect and then washed with water. The third type is ferrous sulfate scrubbing, which is a better neutralization between acid and alkali, so the effect of removal is also very good. The last one is alkaline water cleaning, which needs to be shaken thoroughly before it can be effective.

However, be sure to keep away from the power supply during cleaning, protect our safety, do not get an electric shock, and prevent some unnecessary accidents.