Sprayer nozzle selection

We are no stranger to the products of the hand-held sprayer manufacturers. We use them in many places, but in order to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the products, we should pay attention to the purchase of qualified products, then how to choose.

The main thing when buying a hand-held sprayer is its nozzle. We can calculate the actual coverage of the spray from the spray angle depending on the spray height. There is also a spray amount, and when the specific gravity of the spray liquid is changed, the spray amount also changes, and the spray amount is roughly proportional to the square root of the liquid specific gravity. The amount of spray is roughly proportional to the square root of the spray pressure. We can choose the right product for our needs.

Of course, you should also do the corresponding maintenance work when you use it, especially if you don't let the nozzle be blocked, otherwise you can't use it. Also, be careful not to expose it to sunlight, which will affect its service life.