The difference between body spray and perfume

1. Different locations:

Body spray is an antiperspirant product and is generally used in places with a lot of sweating.

Perfume should be used where there is less sweating. Perfume is usually sprayed behind the ears, just at the wrist artery. Try to choose a place with less sweating to spray. The fragrance will be purer and the fragrance will last longer.

2. Different ingredients:

Body spray is an aerosol-propelled anti-perspirant product; it has a cool and refreshing body sensation. It is always dry, non-alcoholic, and gentle in nature. It absorbs sweat refreshingly and helps absorb sweat, oil and odors.

Perfume is a liquid mixed with essential oils, fixatives and alcohol or ethyl acetate to give the body a long-lasting and pleasant smell. Including balsam, dragon alcohol, or ethyl acetate concentration depends on whether it is eau de toilette, scent, essence or cologne.

3. Different prices:

The price of body spray is much lower than perfume.The higher the alcohol concentration in perfume, the higher the relative price.