Transparent plastic bottles and transparent pump heads are favored by the market

The packaging containers for general cosmetics and scrubbing products are mostly made from high-density polyethylene. In order to satisfy the packaging needs of different products, the information on the selection of plastic bottles has become increasingly abundant.

Because transparent plastic bottle containers and transparent pump heads allow consumers to clearly see the contents, consumers' demand for transparent PP plastic bottle containers is increasing, and transparent polypropylene is the first material to meet this demand. PP transparent The development of packaging bottles is a hot topic in plastic bottle packaging at home and abroad in recent years. The highly transparent polypropylene container has excellent transparency and glossiness, and is highly appreciated and popular.

Ruan is the center of modern shopping malls where competition is fierce and sales methods are constantly evolving. In addition to product innovation and high-quality, rapid service, transparent packaging is becoming increasingly important. From the point of view of shopping malls, packaging is the product of the whole product, and it is very important. After it can make consumers want to purchase, and then affect the cost. It turns out that transparent packaging can usually affect costs and constitute purchasing power.

Transparent packaging includes full transparent packaging and some transparent packaging. It is a transparent packaging material. Some or all display the shape of the product containing the food. It can enable the buyer to directly see the image, color and quality of the food, which can express the natural beauty of the product. It is also convenient for customers to identify and purchase. Such as transparent plastic food bottles, sugar cube jars, wine bottles, etc., can be seen at a glance, so that consumers can not help out of pocket, sales have skyrocketed.