Watering cans are prone to problems when they are used

The watering cans produced by the watering can manufacturers have been used more now, but they are more prone to problems when they are used. Let's see what problems are there.
In the first case, the water is not sprayed at the time of use, or the sprayed mist is not round and unilateral, but there is pressure in the pot. This is mainly because some small passages are blocked.


The second situation is to lift up and down, press the handle when it feels light, no power, so there is no pressure inside the pot, so the water can not be sprayed. Then there is pressure, when there is pressure, the water is pulled out next to the handlebar until there is no pressure or the water in the kettle is leaking. At this time, the piston cylinder should be unscrewed, and the piston combination should be pulled out for inspection. Finally, the time is long, and the original pressure is gone. This is caused by poor sealing or aging of parts.

It is normal for the watering can to be prone to problems when it is used, so we must check it carefully so that it can have better effects and effects when used.