What are the benefits of plastic watering cans

Most of the watering cans produced by the watering can manufacturer are made of plastic. This is a certain advantage with the function of using plastic to make the watering can. Let's take a look.
The use of plastic as a watering can solves the problem of rust and corrosion of the iron watering can, and the plastic watering can does not have to worry about corrosion. The quality of the plastic watering can is also relatively light, and it does not stick to a large space. It can be picked up with one hand, and even children can easily pick it up. The iron watering can is heavy in weight and troublesome to use. Therefore, the use of the plastic watering can is very convenient, and the position of the watering can not be specifically found, as long as the aspect can be. But keep it out of the reach of children.
There are many benefits to using a plastic watering can, which brings great convenience to our lives, so we should take good care of it when we use it.