What is the best mineral water spray or face mist

There’re so many cosmeceutical spray brands on the market, each claiming that their product contains active spring water, volcanic water or mineral water, leaving the consumers all in a muddle. But what is exactly the difference between those bottles? So, I chose six of the most popular cosmeceutical sprays in the market and compare them in terms of the smooth degree of the spray, the moisture content of skin, sticky degree, pH and skin condition.

Evaluation Method

1. I describe them according to the rationality of the spray design, the spraying intensity, and range.

2. Moisture testing method: I measure the original moisture content of the skin first, then the instant moisture content after spraying them on the skin.

3. Sticky degree testing method: Dry the dorsum of the hand before applying the spray, then dip the sponge particles after the hand fully absorb the spray.

4. pH testing method: Apply the spray on the pH test paper and compare them with the standard color chart.

5. Skin condition evaluation method: Compare according to the smooth degree of the skin.