What to do when the watering can sprays water

Many people think that the watering cans produced by the watering can manufacturers are very simple to use. In fact, this is not the case, and it is necessary to master certain methods.

When the watering can is sprayed, the water first has certain requirements. For those foreign objects that are visible to the naked eye, it must be cleaned up, otherwise it will affect the effect of water spray. In severe cases, the nozzle will be blocked and affect the use. In addition, the amount of water must not exceed the specified volume, otherwise it will not spray water when it is used, and it will reduce the service life of the watering can, so pay attention to water consumption. The last point is that if you add a certain substance to the water, you must completely dissolve it to have a better effect.

This is what the watering can needs to do when spraying water. We must make good use of it when it is used, and play a bigger role.