Why does the watering can age

The products produced by the watering can manufacturers are often used in our current lives. There are not many people who have raised flowers and raised grass, and watering them with watering cans is very extensive. When we use it, we will find it is more prone to aging. What is the reason?

The reason for the aging of the watering can is firstly because of its material problem, its material is mainly processed from plastic products, even if the high-quality materials are affected by ultraviolet rays during the process of use, it is aging. Moreover, there are many manufacturers who use recycled materials for engineering, which makes it easier to shorten his service life. And if we want to delay it, aging occurs, we should pay attention to reduce the direct exposure of the sun and avoid contact with corrosive substances.

In addition, we should also clean it after each use. Avoiding the long-term residual moisture in the watering can cause it to mold, which not only affects the effect of the watering can but also affects the safety of the plant.